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      Company profile

      Xingtai Tebai Rubber and Plastic Products CO.,LTD. is a design, development, manufacturing and sales of various types of seals and seal products of professional manufacturers, the company is located in Xingtai city of Hebei province with Renxian County Industrial Zone, covers an area of about 2600 square meters, with more than and 160 employees.
      The company has more than thirty years of production experience and advanced technology of sealing products. Professional production of oil seal, O ring, glyd ring, stepseal, dust cover, rubber hose, door seal, packing, packer rubber cloth, gaskets, conductive rubber products, seals and other rubber products, widely used in automobile, agricultural machinery, engineering machinery, railway, military equipment, coal mine machinery, oil machinery, motorcycle, household appliances and other industries.
      The company's main products are oil seal and seal and moulded rubber products, including: the crankshaft oil seal, valve seal, gearb...
      • Automobile oil seal

        Automobile oil sealAutomobile oil sealAutomobile oil sealAutomobile oil seal…… Detailed++
      • Steering engine oil seal

        Steering engine oil sealSteering engine oil sealSteering engine oil seal..... Detailed++
      • Valve oil seal

        Valve oil sealValve oil sealValve oil sealValve oil sealValve oil sealValve oil seal…… Detailed++
      Electronic sample
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